Meet Kathy, one of CrossFit Iubhar’s founding members!

Burpees or squats? I like burpees because they are challenging.

What do you like best about CrossFit? I love how CrossFit is varied, there are many different movements and new skills that I enjoy learning. Workouts never get old. But what I love best about CrossFit is how I get to have my daughter as my coach. When she first got interested in CrossFit, I remember her giving me a workout to do. It involved a bunch of sit-ups and some inchworms. I had been doing a lot of long distance running at the time, so obviously I expected to be able to breeze through any bodyweight workout she could give me. Picture this… your daughter standing at your feet while you’re struggling to do sit ups and encouraging you and telling you that you can do more. After that one workout, I realized how wrong I was. Let’s just say that it took more than one tough workout for me to be able to say that I love having my daughter as my coach. 

What is the most complex movement that you have learned?  The most complex movement I have learned is the squat clean, I’m still working on it.

What are your hobbies now that you have no kids living at home? I love spending time in the great outdoors.  I love being on my bike and traveling by bike. Since I now have no kids home my biggest hobby is visiting my kids and grandchildren at their homes.  

Tell us about one of your favorite bike trips… I’ve been on some awesome bike trips and it’s hard to pick a favorite. I have traveled by bike on the East coast and the West coast of the US, from Tennessee to Maine, through Glacier National Park, and through the North coast of Spain.

Would you rather have slimy skin like a frog or a beak like a toucan?  A beak like a Toucan… but just like I’m not big on Sci-Fi books and movies, I’m not big on unrealistic would you rather questions.

What book are you reading these days? Ruby Ridge, a true story about a family’s standoff in Northern Idaho with the US government. My friend and neighbor who is a former FBI agent was actually guarding the road during the standoff. 

If you could have any superpower what would it be?  I’d want to be a SuperMoM. Oh wait… I think I already am!

Tell us about your favorite childhood memory… Growing up in the 60s in a small town in Maine we were pretty carefree. I had five brothers and sisters so there was always someone to play with. Summer days were the best, as we could come and go as we pleased. We had a big backyard so all the neighborhood kids would come and play in our yard. We played so many games out there. Depending on the season, it was football, baseball, hockey, kick the can, Red Rover, tag, or hide and seek.